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Preforming Services

At J & H Humphrey we offer a comprehensive sub-contract component preforming service based on over forty years' experience in the electronics industry.

Our customer base includes many leading component distributors as well as manufacturers in all areas of electronics including military, aerospace and medical.

We employ a wide range of high quality preforming equipment and can also source custom made tooling for more specialised requirements.

Radial Forming

Axial Parts

  • Cropping & Forming of diodes, resistors, inductors etc.
  • 90 Degree cropping & forming to customers specification
  • Stand off forming with lock in if required.
  • Cropping to length
  • Vertical hairpin forming

Radial Parts

  • Cropping service for all radial parts including Capacitors, LEDs & T0220 devices.
  • 90 degree forming of LEDs. T0220s etc.
  • Standoff clip-in for capacitors and LEDs.
  • Flush Clip-in for Electrolytic capacitors.

Surface Mount Forming

  • Cropping & Forming of Flatpack and QFP devices to Surface Mount or reflow form.
  • Fully adjustable forming system allowing wide range of specifications to be met.
  • Quality to ESA standards.